Different types of best products made from Hungarian paprika

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If you are looking for products made from Hungarian paprika, it will be a very easy task, as there are dozens of delicacies on the shelves of the shops that are based on this spice. But should you even start? Do not miss out on these products if you are in Hungary!

Paprika Powder

hungarian powder of paprika bowl

Powder made from Hungarian paprika is the basic spice of almost all Hungarian dishes. Without it you simply can’t make recipes like chicken paprikash, goulash or stew. In Hungary there is a great tradition of using various paprika types, therefore they are produced in large quantities in cities such as Szeged and Kalocsa. Available in sweet and semi-sweet versions, the most popular type of Hungarian paprika is the so-called édesnemes, which gives a mild paprika flavor to the food and is perfect for almost any recipe. Paprika made in Kalocsa is part of the Hungarian symbolic heritage, and it’s widely popular across the world.

Although strong variants exist in large numbers, Hungarian paprika powders are typically less pungent than Spanish varieties, as well as Mexican or Indian chili.

Paprika paste

Paprika paste is a popular Hungarian product that is ideal for flavoring sandwiches, roasts or even soups. One of the most popular paprika cream is called Piros Arany, made from the finest Hungarian paprika. Its distinctive red color makes the dishes colorful while giving a sweet flavor to the dishes. Also worth mentioning is the Erős Pista paste, which is much hotter compared to Piros Arany, but used for similar purposes. This product contains crushed paprika, so its texture is less creamy. Those who are looking for a similar texture but do not like the spicy flavors are recommended to try out Édes Anna, a type that is made of sweet or semi-sweet pepper. Last but not least, lovers of really pungent flavors can buy the Haragos Pista paste, which offers the spiciest flavor. This is about four times stronger than Erős Pista, so it is recommended to consume it in moderation.

However, the list of pastes does not end here. The goulash cream made from a blend of paprika, tomato, cumin, and onion can give a delicious flavor to goulash soups, whether you’re looking for strong or mild variations.


Best szalami from Hungary

Salami is one of the traditional dishes of Hungary, which in most cases uses paprika as one of its main spices. Many different versions of salami can be bought in shops, the most popular brand of which is Pick (available since 1869) and Herz (available since 1888). Salami is mostly made from pork, which is flavored with various spices, including paprika. The so-called winter salami is one of the best-known salami types of the country: its name originates from the fact that it was mostly produced during the winter in the beginning.

Pepper seed oil

Not surprisingly, oil is also produced from paprika, both in sweet and hot variants. This product is excellent not only for decorating dishes but also for making marinades, as well as for flavoring seasonal salads, toasts or egg dishes. Pepper seed oil is a relatively new product that is gradually gaining popularity in Hungary and all around the world. The consumption of pepper seed oil is recommended not only because of its delicious flavor but also because of its beneficial health effects: it can not only help normalize blood cholesterol but due to its high antioxidant content, it can also be used for reducing inflammation.