Hot Paprika

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If you are a big fan of spicy meals with deep flavor, hot paprika can be the most ideal choice for you. But just as with other types of paprika powders, you have more options to choose from. Learn more about hot paprika!

hot paprika powder from Hungarian country

What causes certain paprika types to be hotter than others? The answer lies in capsaicin, which is a chemical obtained from paprika and other plants: the more capsaicin paprika has, the hotter it will be. It is worth mentioning that capsaicin is used in medicines for its anti-inflammatory effects as well. For semi-sweet or sweet paprika, the seeds and membranes are removed from the peppers to prevent them from being too spicy.

When talking about paprika, it can be said that the more vibrant red and yellowish versions are the spiciest ones, so when you’re searching for the strongest variants, this is an excellent way to quickly find what you need. Although classic paprika is generally weaker than chili, some varieties can still make you cry. Therefore, if you like the stronger and spicier flavors, you should take classic Hungarian and Spanish paprika into consideration.

When and how should you use hot paprika?

One of the most popular varieties in Hungary is hot paprika: if you want to increase the intensity of traditional foods such as goulash or chicken paprikash, then this type is by far the best choice. Hot paprika not only enhances your favorite meals in new exciting ways, but it also has anti-inflammatory effects. If you are not a fan of classic Hungarian dishes, don’t worry, you still don’t have to give up on hot paprika: you can spice almost any kind of meat soup with it, so don’t hesitate to experiment for a bit.

Although there are some hotter paprika types in Hungary, Spanish varieties are usually somewhat stronger.