Smoked Paprika

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Smoked paprika is available in mild, sweet and pungent varieties, but whichever you choose, this type will sure to give an unforgettable, smokey flavor to your favorite meals. Smoked paprika typically enjoys great popularity in Spain where they use oakwood for the smoking process, then grind the pepper to powder form. Although available in many varieties, most Spanish smoked paprika types are mild and have a rich character rather than hot. After opening the container, it is recommended to store it in a dark and dry place and use it in a span of six months.

How should you use smoked paprika?

When it comes to smoked paprika, the most important rule is moderation. Since smoked paprika has a deep flavor, a small amount is more than enough for spicing your food. Depending on your tastes of course, you can increase the quantity, but in general one half of a teaspoon is more than enough to get the desired smokey taste, otherwise, it can easily suppress other ingredients. After sufficient experimenting, you can gradually increase the amount depending on how much you like the smokey aroma.

In addition to the amount, you should pay close attention to two important things when using smoked paprika: since it burns easily, it’s recommended to heat it at low temperatures with a bit of added oil. You should also expect smoked paprika to lose some of its character and aroma after a few months of storing. Even though smoked paprika can be stored from six to twelve months, you should use it all up as soon as you can.

Smoked paprika can be found in some of the most popular Spanish dishes, such as chorizo sausage or paella. However, smoked paprika is not only excellent for these meals, but also for a variety of roasts, soups, eggs and meat dishes. Whatever you use smoked paprika for, you can be sure of one thing: after tasting it, you will never forget this uniquely smokey and deep flavor. Feel free to experiment and try to elevate your already proven recipes too!