Types of Hungarian Paprika

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Paprika has so many different types that sometimes even the more experienced chefs can confuse them. In this section, you can get familiar with the various types of paprika and you can find out how to use them in the best ways.

Different types of paprika

Simple paprika

This type of paprika doesn’t have any characteristics. It can be made from any kind of pepper, therefore, it can originate from Hungary, Spain, Mexico or even America. There are several brands out there that blend paprika with chili. You can find special versions, but in most cases, these are simpler types with less character and intensity. It’s only recommended to use this if your main goal is to decorate plain looking meals like deviled egg or potato salad.

Smoked paprika types

Smoked paprika usually comes from Spain, but it’s also popular in India and Mexico to an extent. The paprika is smoked and dried by using oak which results in a rich and smokey flavor. You can buy smoked paprika in mild, semi-hot and hot variants. This type of paprika is not only good for traditional Spanish or Mexican dishes but it also goes well with grilled meats.

Sweet smoked paprika

Sweet and smokey paprika is generally made from freshly harvested Spanish paprika, which goes through a long and slow smoking process. This results in a mild and sweet flavor which is perfect for those who don’t prefer hot spices.

Semi-hot smoked paprika

Do you enjoy hotter spices but still don’t want to go overboard? This is probably the best option for you: it evenly combines the smokey flavor with spiciness, so you still don’t have to worry that your food will be too hot. It’s also ideal if you just started experimenting with spicier foods but don’t want to try out anything crazy.

Hot smoked paprika

This is the strongest and spiciest of among smoked paprika types and perfect for those who are all about hot flavors. You can instantly recognize it from its deep red color and strong fragrance. It’s one of the essential spices of paella, a traditional Spanish dish, but it’s also used for spicing the chorizo sausage.

Hungarian paprika types

In Hungary, paprika is a widely used spice, available in many different types in stores. Depending on where it’s made, the taste can vary greatly. Learn more about the most popular Hungarian paprika brands!

Szegedi paprika

Szeged is one of the main paprika producer cities of Hungary. The term “szegedi paprika” stands for all kinds of paprika that were produced in the city. This paprika powder is available in three different variations: csemege, édesnemes (sweet types) and csípős csemege (hot type) so everyone can find one that suits their taste in flavor and intensity. Szegedi paprika is used in many different Hungarian products such as sausages, pastes, sauces and more.

Kalocsai paprika

Similarly to Szeged, Kalocsa is another significant producer of paprika and paprika-related products. As part of the Hungarian symbolic heritage, paprika from Kalocsa is one of the country’s most popular spices and it’s available in various grades like csemege, különleges, kosher. All of them has their own unique taste and characteristics. It’s important to mention rózsa or rose paprika that has a uniquely yellow and brown shade, making it perfect for giving meals a unique color. This variety has a semi-hot flavor and it’s perfect for stews or goulash alike. The best type of paprika from Kalocsa is called “Kalocsa Aranya” which is available in both sweet and hot flavors.