How to use the Hungarian Paprika?

Uses of the Hungarian Paprika

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Paprika is an indispensable ingredient of a large variety of traditional Hungarian dishes. It can be said without exaggeration that the Hungarian cuisine would be quite different without the various types of paprika that we use today. What are the most popular Hungarian paprika recipes that you should definitely try out?

Chicken Paprikash

If Hungary is mentioned anywhere in the world, most people immediately think of chicken paprikash, and for good reason: thanks to its unique flavor, bright red color and simplicity, it has gained great popularity in many countries over the years. Typically, this recipe is made from less spicy types of paprika, such as csemege or édesnemes.

Hungarian Stew

Similarly to chicken paprikash, stew also has a long tradition in Hungary, and it’s a big favorite of many families. Whether it’s made from chicken, beef, rabbit or sheep, its gorgeous red color and its mild paprika flavor never go out of style.

Potatoes with paprika

Potatoes with paprika an extremely easy-to-prepare Hungarian specialty, which requires only potatoes, sausages and some spices, including paprika. Despite the cheap ingredients, the end result is extremely delicate, so it is an all-time favorite of many Hungarian households.

Hungarian Paprika Paste

In Hungary, there is a big culture of different kinds of paprika pastes, which can make sandwiches, soups and various kinds of roasts even more delicious. It is easy to make at home, but a lot of brands are also available in Hungarian stores. Piros Arany is the most popular brand, closely followed by Erős Pista, which is hotter than the former and has a different texture. Over the years, other varieties of paprika paste have also appeared, such as Édes Anna, that is ideal for those who prefer sweet flavors. Also worthy of mention is the Haragos Pista paste, which is one of the strongest type available on the market.

Hungarian Paprika Sauce

A variety of sauces can be made from paprika, which are excellent for dressing and dipping. Thanks to the paprika grain available on many markets, pepper sauces can be made spicy, sweet, semi-sweet or even smoky. Whichever one you decide to try out, you will certainly not be disappointed.