Kalocsai Paprika

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Similarly to Szeged, Kalocsa has a long history of producing paprika: production began in the early 20th century and nowadays the paprika of Kalocsa has become part of the Hungarian symbolic heritage. Kalocsa is responsible for about 40 percent of paprika production in the country and the spice is widely distributed abroad too. Kalocsa’s paprika plays a decisive role in Hungarian gastronomy: depending on the taste you are looking for, you can buy several variations of it. Learn more about the different versions!

Hungarian Paprika from Kalocsa

Kalocsa Aranya

Kalocsa Aranya, translated as “The Gold of Kalocsa”, stands for the highest grade of paprika the city has to offer. Available in mild and hot variations, this type of paprika gives the best taste and color to meals.

Különleges (Special)

The Különleges variant is also available hot and mild varieties. Thanks to its bright red color and deep flavor, it’s mostly recommended for those who look for a bit more special taste than usual.

Koscher Paprika

Koscher paprika is a fine choice if you’re looking to give your meals a nice red color. The unique thing about this type is that each product comes with its own stamp and serial number, making them one-of-a-kind products.


Csemege is one of the most popular paprika powders available in Hungary and it can be found in most households. It’s perfect for all kinds of Hungarian dishes, whether it’s chicken paprikash, goulash or some kind of stew.

Édesnemes (Sweet)

Édesnemes is also one of the more popular and widely known paprika types out there. You can quickly recognize it by its unique deep red color and pungency. The édesnemes paprika is not hot at all so it’s ideal if you’re not a fan of spicier flavors.

Rózsa (Rose)

Rózsa or rose paprika can be instantly recognized by its distinctive faded color and yellowish shades. It’s a go-to option for many when it comes to coloring dishes, be it a traditional Hungarian food or something else completely. It’s only mildly hot so you don’t have to worry about overly strong flavors.